“Up to the width of 2m, one support is required, while bigger dimensions require two supports. The investor saves time and money by using prestressed brick lintels.”

Preklade d.o.o.

Prestressed lintels

Prestressed brick lintels are produced in several dimensions, allowing for an optimal combination of bridging window and door openings of different wall thicknesses …

Prestressed concrete lintels with a clay coat

They are made of a prestressed concrete core, which is mounted in a clay coat. This achieves a high load-bearing capacity and good thermal insulation, as well as excellent adhesion of the plaster.

“The small weight of the prestressed concrete lintels with a clay coat allows quick installation.”

Preklade d.o.o.

“Cold bridges become a costly problem when – besides great energy losses – they cause moisture issues when building walls and mould growth due to condensation.”

Preklade d.o.o.

ISO panelling

In order to avoid unpleasant cold bridges, appropriate thermal insulation is especially important in the ceiling panel area. Panelling with ISO panelling is the ideal solution to this issue.


Reduce thermal bridges, reduce costs, and optimise your construction with our patented comprehensive ISOattika system.

“ISOattika meets all the usual standards and works also where all other systems fail: at simple installation.”

Preklade d.o.o.

“Such a ceiling has the same thermal insulation properties as a brick wall, so staying in these premises is healthy due to the favourable microclimate.”

Preklade d.o.o.

Ceiling beams

For the implementation of a brick prefabricated ceiling, we produce brick ceiling beams with a width of 12cm in lengths from 1m to 7.4m in 20cm-steps.


The ThermBloc is made according to the latest static knowledge and the best EPS materials currently available on the market.

“The ThermBloc element structure allows maximum thermal insulation, the elements can be used for installation above or below the ceiling.”

Preklade d.o.o.

“The vital effect by regulating humidity and equalising the temperature of the ceramic material ensures better storage and increases the energy quality of your wines.”

Preklade d.o.o.


Your carefully selected wines should be kept in a professional and elegant way. Our natural product of vital brick offers the best conditions for storing wine according to your individual requirements!

Prefabricated concrete slabs

Our ready-made concrete elements are dimensionally precise, delivered to your construction site and thus the quickest route to your desired object.

“The prefabricated concrete slab is completely factory-made and crane-installed on your construction site in just a few minutes.”

Preklade d.o.o.

“The elements of prefabricated concrete walls are factory-made and crane-mounted on your construction site in just a few minutes.”

Preklade d.o.o.

Prefabricated concrete walls

The fastest and most economical solution for building the walls of your facility. Static requirements and required strength are determined by the client himself when filling concrete between elements.

Prefabricated prestressed ribbed concrete slabs

Our prefabricated prestressed ribbed concrete slab is a large format prestressed slab made of high-quality concrete and steel for prestressing.

“Prefabricated prestressed ribbed plate provides optimum sound insulation.”

Preklade d.o.o.

We are the largest producer with a long tradition of these products in Slovenia.

Ask us about our products. We will be happy to help you.

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