ISO panelling

Innovative ceiling panelling elements.

Cold bridges can become a pricey problem. In addition to high energy and heat losses, a cold bridge due to condensation can also cause problems with masonry moisture and mould growth. Thermographic images quickly make cold bridges visible. In order to avoid unpleasant cold bridges, appropriate thermal insulation is especially important in the ceiling panel area. Therefore panelling with ISO panelling is the ideal solution for this issue.

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ISO panelling is made of styrofoam EPS 100 – a heat insulating board with a thickness of 5cm and 12cm with a concrete 90° insert (static coincide), which is mounted to the walls using mortar or glue. The concrete insert prevents the ISO panelling from collapsing during concreting.

Heat insulating boards are an excellent basis for machine plaster application and are reinforced with construction steel (6mm diameter).

ISO panelling is available in a length of 150cm, heights from 16cm to 28cm.

Advertising option
You can present your company and activity on our product. Let us know about the slogan or inscription you want to use – ISO panelling from company PREKLADE can be delivered after about 4 weeks.

We will be happy to prepare a list of quantities and an appropriate offer for your project.


We are the largest producer with a long tradition of these products in Slovenia.

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