Reduce thermal bridges, reduce costs, and optimise your construction with our patented comprehensive ISOattika system.

ISOattika meets all the usual standards and works where all other systems fail: at simple installation. Due to the factory mounted bitumen foil, the edges can be seamlessly welded with flame.


“Our ISOattika represents a patented comprehensive system in our portfolio that greatly speeds up implementation, reduces costs and provides several decades of weather resistance.”

COO Preklade d.o.o.
Alexander Undeßer

Simple installation of ISOattika in just 3 steps:


Installation of angle elements


Placement of intermediate elements fixed with one-component adhesive foam and turbo screws.


The joints between the elements are filled with one-component adhesive foam.

We will be happy to prepare a list of quantities and an appropriate offer for your project.

We are the largest producer with a long tradition of these products in Slovenia.

Ask us about our products. We will be happy to help you.

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