Prefabricated concrete slabs


Economical and efficient construction – using our concrete products. Our ready-made concrete elements are dimensionally precise, delivered to your construction site and thus the quickest route to your desired object.

The prefabricated concrete slab, as the final element, is completely factory-made and crane-installed on your construction site in just a few minutes.

We will be happy to prepare a static calculation, a laying plan, a list of quantities and an appropriate offer for your project based on your plans.

Slab thickness (cm) 5
Ceiling thickness (cm) Depending on the thickness of the concrete
The distance of the support pillars depends on the thickness of the ceiling, the type of a lattice girder and the maximum distance (cm) 155 to 300
Element width (cm) 240
Slab weight (kg/m2) 125


We are the largest producer with a long tradition of these products in Slovenia.

Ask us about our products. We will be happy to help you.

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